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Silver and health

It’s not a secret that silver is the second most popular metal for jewelry production. The good thing is that silver is not only beautiful, but also it has a row of practical benefits for human health. Silver health benefits have been known for ages. In the Ancient Egypt they used to put a silver plaque on a wound or injury to stop bleeding and kill microbes. In many cultures silver jewelries were used as amulets to protect the person from bad spirits, sorrows and diseases. Silver always presents in our body in a certain amount. Continue reading

Thin hair

Thin hair: 6 rules for your hair care

Using our tips, you will turn your thin hair into a curvy and voluminous.
Thin hair – is not a vice and not an aesthetic flaw. But they bring to women a lot of problems: they are easy to break, get confused during combing, do not keep even the artfully created styling. Continue reading

Exams and Tests for Cancer

Exams and Tests for Cancer: laboratory diagnostics of oncological diseases.

Molecular-biological study of blood tumor markers can be performed both in public clinics and in private medical centers.

The results of the study of alpha-fetoprotein serum level are usually ready within 1-2 days. If urgent analysis is needed – within two hours. Molecular biological examination of blood tumor markers should be performed on an empty stomach or 4 hours after having food. Continue reading