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Herbal Medicine


Phytotherapy is a popular method both in clinical medicine and in home treatment. Some herbs are able to relieve disease symptoms, while others have a strong treating effect. Herbal treatment is considered to be one of the safest and most pleasant therapies due to its natural base. In most cases, treatment substances can be produced of simple plants and herbs in home conditions and without any special equipment. Below you will find top 3 most useful plants that are easy to find in everyday life. Continue reading

Numbness in feet and toes

Numbness in the feet – a complete or partial loss of sensitivity in the foot, caused by the inflection of nerve fibers or blood vessels. Numbness in the foot is most often associated with impaired blood circulation in the body, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, oncological or other diseases. Numbness of the foot can be accompanied by pain in the foot or a feeling of slight tingling. Continue reading

How to lose weight for good?

Anyone can lose weight, but to lose it for good – is not possible for everyone. In the process of losing the weight many things depends on a person and his character. If you reduce the weight to the desired results, you need to be able to fix this result. An experienced nutritionist and psychotherapist can help with it. Visits to the doctor will take a lot of time and money, at least once a month you need to visit doctors. If you have no time or money for it, then you need to take care of yourself at home and we will help you with it. Continue reading

Flat Feet

Flat foot is a disease that makes the arch of the foot flat. For this reason, the feet lose their damping properties. According to the statistics, women suffer from flat feet 4 times more often than men. An exacerbated form of the disease may lead to arthritis, arthrosis, pain in the back and calves, spine curvature. Continue reading

Silver and health

It’s not a secret that silver is the second most popular metal for jewelry production. The good thing is that silver is not only beautiful, but also it has a row of practical benefits for human health. Silver health benefits have been known for ages. In the Ancient Egypt they used to put a silver plaque on a wound or injury to stop bleeding and kill microbes. In many cultures silver jewelries were used as amulets to protect the person from bad spirits, sorrows and diseases. Silver always presents in our body in a certain amount. Continue reading

Thin hair

Thin hair: 6 rules for your hair care

Using our tips, you will turn your thin hair into a curvy and voluminous.
Thin hair – is not a vice and not an aesthetic flaw. But they bring to women a lot of problems: they are easy to break, get confused during combing, do not keep even the artfully created styling. Continue reading

Exams and Tests for Cancer

Exams and Tests for Cancer: laboratory diagnostics of oncological diseases.

Molecular-biological study of blood tumor markers can be performed both in public clinics and in private medical centers.

The results of the study of alpha-fetoprotein serum level are usually ready within 1-2 days. If urgent analysis is needed – within two hours. Molecular biological examination of blood tumor markers should be performed on an empty stomach or 4 hours after having food. Continue reading

Gastritis and diet

When a person visits a doctor and he hears a diagnosis of gastritis, he immediately wants to know what you can eat with gastritis. And this is not accidental. After all, in the treatment of gastritis diet is an important place. Without its observance, there can be no complete recovery. Continue reading

Pancreatic insufficiency in children

The first decade of the 21st century was marked by a significant progress in children’s gastroenterology. Diagnostics, treatments and prevention of digestive diseases have been seriously advanced recently. However, there are still a lot of chronic diseases of the digestive system that are a common pathology for both adults and children. Continue reading


Menopause (menopause) – a natural biological process, during which women feel changes in hormone levels in the blood. This normally happens at the age of 40 after years of gradually declining production of the corpus luteum hormone – progesterone. Later, about 45 years old, begins a decrease in estrogen production in the ovaries . Menses become irregular and then stop completely. Menopause – the last menstrual period in a woman’s life. Continue reading