Silver. Therapeutic properties, benefit or harm

Hello, dear readers! Recently, we are increasingly recalling the recipes of traditional medicine. That interest in the treatment of silver is experiencing a new revival.

  • Why is silver treatment now more and more popular?
  • What are the medicinal properties of this metal?
  • Is it harmful to use drugs from silver? (more…)

Thin hair

Sometimes you walk down the street, and the look involuntarily stops at someone’s chic hair No, I also have good hair – long, shiny and strong enough. But they are thin, thin by nature. As I already wrote in one of the articles, it is impossible to significantly increase the thickness of the hair. You can dye your hair with henna, but, firstly, not all girls like henna, and secondly, some fantastic result should not be expected. Henna makes hair thicker only slightly and this effect must always be maintained. So what should I do? Girls with thin hair will understand what I’m talking about. The problem of fine hair is not only that they seem rare. In the end, using masks to strengthen and grow hair can achieve a significant density of hair. The fact is that thin hair has a lot of problems: increased electrification, difficulty in combing and styling, fragility, lack of volume and propensity to various damages. As for different types of hair (fatty, dry, combined), in thin hair, features of one type or another are much more noticeable than those of thicker hair. What kind of care for thin hair is right? About everything in order. (more…)