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Herbal Medicine


Phytotherapy is a popular method both in clinical medicine and in home treatment. Some herbs are able to relieve disease symptoms, while others have a strong treating effect. Herbal treatment is considered to be one of the safest and most pleasant therapies due to its natural base. In most cases, treatment substances can be produced of simple plants and herbs in home conditions and without any special equipment. Below you will find top 3 most useful plants that are easy to find in everyday life. Continue reading

Numbness in feet and toes

Numbness in the feet – a complete or partial loss of sensitivity in the foot, caused by the inflection of nerve fibers or blood vessels. Numbness in the foot is most often associated with impaired blood circulation in the body, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, oncological or other diseases. Numbness of the foot can be accompanied by pain in the foot or a feeling of slight tingling. Continue reading

How to lose weight for good?

Anyone can lose weight, but to lose it for good – is not possible for everyone. In the process of losing the weight many things depends on a person and his character. If you reduce the weight to the desired results, you need to be able to fix this result. An experienced nutritionist and psychotherapist can help with it. Visits to the doctor will take a lot of time and money, at least once a month you need to visit doctors. If you have no time or money for it, then you need to take care of yourself at home and we will help you with it. Continue reading

Silver and health

It’s not a secret that silver is the second most popular metal for jewelry production. The good thing is that silver is not only beautiful, but also it has a row of practical benefits for human health. Silver health benefits have been known for ages. In the Ancient Egypt they used to put a silver plaque on a wound or injury to stop bleeding and kill microbes. In many cultures silver jewelries were used as amulets to protect the person from bad spirits, sorrows and diseases. Silver always presents in our body in a certain amount. Continue reading

Vitamin b5 for hair and scalp health

The value of vitamin b5 for a beautiful and thick hair

Pantothenic acid or vitamin b5 is an important substance in the human body, as well as the other vitamins and minerals. This vitamin belongs to the group B, which is responsible for the healthy state of the roots and ends of the hair, it takes care of the good appearance of each hair and perfectly struggling with problems such as loss of strands, dandruff and dry scalp. Continue reading

How to quit smoking?

The main ways to help quit smoking Nowadays, there are many ways to quit smoking. What are the main ones: Substitution therapy. Its essence lies in the acceptance of nicotine in most purified form. This can be a special chewing gum, patches or anti-smoking lozenges. If the dependent person wants to quit smoking, then replacement therapy helps to gradually reduce the dose of nicotine in the body. Continue reading

The health of teeth

Good dental health is an important factor not only for your general health and beauty, but also for your confidence and self-esteem. Moreover, any pathology in the teeth and gums can lead to serious long-lasting diseases with various symptoms and complications. Just like in any other disease, tooth decay is easier to prevent, rather than to treat. That’s why taking proper care of teeth and gums is very important for a healthy person. Continue reading

Eyes health

Our eyes are an important part of our health. However, in the modern world the impact on the eyes has increased significantly. Not only sitting in front of a computer can harm our eyesight. Modern technologies have provided us with electronic books and all kinds of gadgets that we use in our everyday life. No wonder why there are so many factors to cause discomfort in the eyes, such as irritation, redness, dryness and others. Unfortunately, these factors may eventually end up in vision problems and even blindness. Continue reading