Vitamin b5 for hair and scalp health

The value of vitamin b5 for a beautiful and thick hair

vitamin b5 for photo hair

Pantothenic acid or vitamin b5 same hair important substance in the human body, as well as other vitamins and minerals. This vitamin belongs to the group B, which is responsible for the healthy state of the roots and tips of the hair, it takes care of the good appearance of each hair and perfectly struggling with problems such as loss of strands, dandruff and dry scalp. (more…)


What do for a human venereal diseases?

Venereal diseases sexually transmitted diseases and infections causing their doctor examines venereal diseases. This area of ​​medicine divides all existing STI into four large groups: (more…)


Nocturia – a condition in which part of the nocturnal diuresis prevails steadily over the day. In other words – it is dysuria, where most of the daily urine is released at night. Normally nocturnal diuresis by 40% less than the day. (more…)

How to care of your eyelashes: simple tips

Thick and long eyelashes – the dream of every yoke. This axiom is well known vorotilam beauty industry that almost every week brings to market another wonderful tool designed to make the look more charming. Think of how many tubes of mascara you have already purchased in the hope of improving the natural data, and what results achieved? Maybe we should go to the other side? Today we tell about how to care for her eyelashes, and reveal the secrets of how to make them healthy and strong. (more…)

Genital infections

Genital infections

Genital infections (sexually transmitted diseases, STDs) – a group of infectious diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. They are united by the possibility of transmission of the pathogen by sexual contact. (more…)

How to quit smoking?

The main ways to help quit smoking Nowadays, there are many ways to quit smoking. What are the main ones: Substitution therapy. Its essence lies in the acceptance of nicotine in most purified form. This can be a special chewing gum, patches or anti-smoking lozenges. If the dependent person wants to quit smoking, then replacement therapy helps to gradually reduce the dose of nicotine in the body. (more…)

The health of teeth

How to maintain the health of teeth: Dental Tips

Have you noticed that in any modern hospital can be seen not only a dentist, but paradontologa, orthodontist, dentist, therapist, surgeon, orthopedic, dental hygienist? All not considered. But each specialist is responsible for only one part of oral health. This means that “Dental Health” – concept compound, and includes all oral health together with soft tissues. (more…)

How to maintain eyes health?

Producers of “miracle medicine” claim that it is enough to take certain drugs to be watchful as a hawk and to forget about eye disease. In this magical results are achieved marvelously simple means, such as through vitamins, improves blood circulation. Alas, the blood supply – this is not all. And his eyes – just the tip of the iceberg called “healthy vision.” How well we see it depends on the state of the whole body, especially the brain. In addition, visual impairment in older adults is often associated with the development of various diseases (diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension, disorders of the nervous system, and others.). (more…)

Eyes health

With the eyes we can navigate in space, receive external impressions of all in a row, so the desire to preserve their health is quite logical.

In this section:

  • Solar eclipse is dangerous for the eyes
  • If the diagnosis of “glaucoma”
  • Electronic eye sight returns
  • Honey for vision: eat, smear, we bury
  • Cataract: Remove immediately or let ripen? (more…)