Eyes health

With the eyes we can navigate in space, receive external impressions of all in a row, so the desire to preserve their health is quite logical.

In this section:

  • Solar eclipse is dangerous for the eyes
  • If the diagnosis of “glaucoma”
  • Electronic eye sight returns
  • Honey for vision: eat, smear, we bury
  • Cataract: Remove immediately or let ripen?

But as modern reality eyestrain much higher than it was for our ancestors, plus the negative impact of the environment, then it makes it more difficult, but it is possible.

Of course, first you should consult your doctor. If the examination shows that there is no reason to worry, try to help yourself with means which have a cosmetic effect. First of all, “Feed the eye.” For eyes is very useful vitamin A. It is found in foods of animal origin. Most of it in the liver, butter, cream, eggs and cod liver oil. Its precursor beta-carotene (provitamin), human liver which is recycled into vitamin A, is a product of vegetable origin. And most of all vitamin A- in carrots. Such popular carrot juice should not be drunk more than 3 times a week. It is a great burden on the liver. For better absorption is added to dairy products or vegetables cream. Zinc, which many in the beet, increases visual acuity. Most menu include vegetable beet salads and vinaigrettes.

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  • What is needed to maintain the health of the eye?

It’s summer and the abundance of greenery around. For the eyes is helpful to look at the green – it calms the nervous system and relaxes the eye muscles. Interestingly, wallpaper light green-lit room immediately increase by 15-20%, which also helps the eyes. This is another reason to love the color green.

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With eye diseases of all kinds of sports well give preference to cycling exercise – running, swimming, cycling. Thanks to them, increases efficiency and strengthens the eye muscles sclera.

Another problem characteristic of modern man – this is a computer eye syndrome. Alas, it is familiar to almost all who have been forced or volunteer to work with the monitor for long periods. Redness of the eyes, burning them, blurred vision, double vision, eye fatigue – these are signs of it.

Of course, the best way to avoid eye sindrom than the decrease in computer not to use it. But if this is not possible, try to take care of yourself. For example, the text you have to read at a distance of 70 cm. From the monitor, and the workplace should be well lit – in any case, not a lamp, and the total light. It should fall evenly and not to give glare on the screen. After every 2 hours is necessary to give your eyes rest well at this time to do a special eye exercises.

Try to pay attention to how far you hold a book reading or hoop when embroidering. It should be 30-35 cm (about arm’s length from the elbow fingertips).

  • First aid for eyes:

– How to get rid of swelling and bags under the eyes?

When you brew a tea bag, do not throw them. They are very helpful to remove the puffiness under the eyes. Still warm, apply them in the eye and lie down, relax for 15 minutes. It can be put on eyelids swabs soaked in a warm infusion of chamomile or mint.

– If eye fatigue

It is also useful to splash on them from the palms cool water, a kind of water massage.

– If the swollen eyelids

Put them on the slices of raw peeled potatoes. You can grate it, wrap in a piece of gauze and put on the eye area. Hold for 15-20 minutes.

If you like the swimming pool, remember that chlorine adversely affects the eyes. Use the special glasses, especially if your eyes are irritated by something. As soon as you walk out of the pool, carefully rinse your eyes with running water.

  • Exercises for eyes: 

Remember how in the movie “Die Fledermaus” heroine Chesnokova concerns about issuing daughter married, taught their child exercise, called “shooting eye”? So, this is an excellent tool to strengthen the eye muscles. Perfectly it helps with eyesight. If you train yourself daily “postrelivat ‘eyes, then at the same time improve the circulation of the retina, and he stiffened upper eyelids.

  1.  Repeat 10 times “in the corner to the nose, on the subject of” first with open eyes and then with closed.
  2.  You can add a slow rotation of the eye, first clockwise, then counter with a maximum amplitude.
  3.  Repeat the same with his eyes closed. Take your eyes as much as possible to the left, then right.
  4.  Fix the view on a subject that is close to you, then move on an object in the distance.
  5.  In the exercise, often blink often 15-20 times.