Generic Levitra

Drug “Levitra” is designed to renew your natural reaction to sexual arousal in men and treatment of impotence. You can get the feeling of being strong like your a teenager who has a lot of sexual power!
The principle of operation is the same as Viagra, but the active ingredient of Levitra – Vardenafil. This treatment passed all world medical tests and it affects your organism same way as viagra, but the price level is absolutely different, levitra pills have much more democratic prices.

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  • Thanks to the use of vardenafil drug- because you can use it with fatty food and alcohol and it is absolutely safe and does not impair the effect of the application. If you get a tablet with an empty stomach – Levitra erection becomes stiff after 15 minutes. Typically, the drug is taken up in 30 – 40 minutes prior to intercourse. Duration of action: from 8 to 12 hours.

The effect:

  • Generic Levitra 20 mg is the most popular dose, as 20 mg of active substance allow you to fully enjoy sexual intercourse and bring your woman extraordinary pleasure.


  • Generic Levitra has virtually no side effects. It can be used even patients with renal failure, cardio – vascular diseases. Caution should show patients who from birth is observed anatomical curvature of the penis.

Levitra reviews:

  • Ben. 46 y.o.
    I’ve tried many tablets and some of them with an active substances which are almost the same with vardenafil. But levitra fits me better then anything else. The most important that I can use it with alcohol. I have no any problems with my potency being drunk when i get levitra, with some of Ed pills I had not strong enough effect. So this is my advise to all who used to get booze on a weekends or more often. Thanks