Generic Indocin

The indocin treatment. In the past two decades there medicine got more progress in the treatment of chronic glomerulonephritis. However, now cures of this disease are rare, like indocin generic, but nevertheless it is often possible to achieve full conservation or rehabilitation of the patient and significantly (sometimes 20-30 years) to extend his life.

All patients with chronic glomerulonephritis must be under medical supervision. Treatment is determines by the clinical form of the disease and the phase of activity of the process. Into chronic glomerulonephritis, regardless of the form of the disease is contraindicated physical and mental exhaustion, hypothermia, requires prevention of intercurrent diseases, especially colds. Contraindicated in severe physical, work, work at night, outdoors during the cold season, in hot shops in damp areas. Shows stay in bed during the day. At the gentlest of colds should be prescribed bed rest at home, and at the slightest sign of acute glomerulonephritis in the hospital.

A systematic conservative treatment of chronic foci of infection (granulating periodontitis, chronic tonsillitis, cholecystitis, appendicitis, adneksit et al. If possible, the full rehabilitation of the tonsils conservative method should not resort to surgery (risk of acute glomerulonephritis, and even the transition to the stage of decompensation). Only with frequent escalations of tonsillitis accompanied by escalations of glomerulonephritis should be advised tonsillectomy, which is made against the background of antibiotic therapy and no sooner than 1-1. 5 months after acute glomerulonephritis. Just to be approached with caution and to other surgical interventions. Women who are suffering of nephrotic, hypertension, and mixed forms of chronic glomerulonephritis, pregnancy and childbirth are contraindicated. When a latent form that question in each case is decided individually.

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