Suhagra reviews

Daniel 06/11/2014 10:17

I’m hooked on suhagra. I have tried Tadacip before many times, but this drug is a way better. Suhagra begins to act quickly, I have no side effects after drinking it with alcohol.

Dan 09/11/2014

I have decided to leave a review about the drug suhagra. I ordered it for the first time, before I was buying levitra in a pharmacy. At this time we decided to save money and buy in the online store. Delivery by courier is pretty quickly. The effect is comparable with Levitra. Good erection after 1 h after administration, even at the slightest excitation. Side effects I didn’t feel, despite the fact that I have a problem with the pressure. Good stuff!

Andrew 24/11/2014 12:49

I tried many generics from this online store and I loved Suhagra and levitra more than other generics. The most important for me is that these drugs I can use same time with booze. As I’m using such a pills as a weekend pills to have fun- this side of the medications is one of the best for me, except the real effect which I get after administrating a pill. Delivery is fast, thanks

Michael, 15/12/2014 15:15

I would say all drugs which have sildenafil citrate are pretty same. It is your choice what you will get from this list, but as the active substance is the same – why would you pay more? I see no reason to buy original viagra or levitra.

Ben, 21/12/2014 16:18

My doctror advised me to buy this drug. Never tried anything else before, but thus – suhagra is perfect for me. May be you can advise smth else?

Tully, 3/01/2015 20:08

Thanks to Suhagra! My NY celebration was fun! xx Fast delivery

Lisa, 4/01/2015 11:05

We bought suhagra with my bf here and both loved the effect of it. Amazing sex during the day many times. Awesome. Really makes man a buffalo!

Klark, 8/01/2015 13:03

@Ben, you can also try generic Silagra. I use it long time, having almost same effect as Suhagra.

Michael, 11/01/2015 16:25

I love generics! The best of the best but 4 times cheaper! Thanks India.. Suhagra is good, 100% effect, no side effects. Drugs are always delivered quick.

Alex, 14/01/2015 23:18

This dosage of sildenafil is the best for male suffering from ED. If you have these problems, you better not buy anything which has a dosages 25 or 20 mg, bukk shit. 100 mg of Suhagra will help or of any drug which has 100 mg silenafil citrate.