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Herpes on woman's lips


Oral herpes is a widespread disease that affects the mouth of a person. In most cases, the disease does not cause any serious complications...
Dermatology. Doctor is checking the mole on a human back

Dermatology and venereology

Dermatology and venereology are two sections of clinical medicine that work in parallel. Dermatology studies are focused on diseases of skin, nails, hair, and...
A picture, which saying us about female cystitis.


Cystitis is an acute or chronic inflammation of the bladder mucous membrane. Acute form is the most common. As a rule, it involves urination...
Oliguria- Diagnostic


Oliguria is a medical symptom that determines a drop in urine production. Oliguria is not a separate illness, but a pronounced sign of some...
Nocturia. Alarm clock and a woman in a bed


Nocturia is a medical term to define a disorder in the body, when the night urine production prevails over the day one. Normally, a...