Cystitis is an acute or chronic inflammation of the bladder mucous membrane. Acute form is the most common. As a rule, it involves urination disturbances. The urge to urinate appears very often (5-15 minutes) even in the nighttime. In the meanwhile, the urination is accompanied by a severe irritation, burning and pain. The patients suffering for the acute form of the disease experience pain in the lower part of the stomach and genitals area.

Today, cystitis is one of those diseases that people try to treat on their own without going to a doctor. The treatment might look effective, but usually it doesn’t solve the actual problem. No homemade remedy can heal the disease completely and eliminate its causes. In most cases, the symptoms disappear, but the infection stays in the body. As a result, the acute form of cystitis becomes the chronic one. Most probably, the symptoms will appear again, but what is even worse is that with times the disease may «go up» and affect kidneys and other organs.

To avoid the unpleasant complications it is better to start a proper treatment as soon as the disease was diagnosed. Normally, the treatment course involves a complex approach that includes:
Antibacterial medicines. The right medication has to be prescribed by your doctor. It is important to keep taking the medication even when the symptoms disappear. The duration of the treatment will be recommended by the doctor.

  • Painkillers. They will help you to improve the pain, especially at the beginning of the infection.
  • Herbs. You will help you body to fight the disease, if you drink herbal teas based on diuretic plants. The most effective ones are cornflower, cranberry leaves, camomile, nettle, bearberry leaves and others.
  • Abundant drinking. The more you drink, the better the body clears. It is better to give preference to diuretic drinks.
  • Still mineral water. The water helps to neutralize the urine acidity, which relives the irritation and burning.
  • Improve your diet. A lot of spicy food and alcohol may slow down the healing process. It is better to exclude these products or limit their amount to minimum.