Flat foot

Flat foot is connected with the loss of trust in the world and “support” underfoot. The foot is “flattened”, as if trying to increase this area of support, to give stability.

In a baby, the flat feet are natural, because it depends entirely on the family and friends.

An adult, suffering from this foot trouble, constantly feels instability of his position and lack of support from significant people. Especially it is noticeable in the elderly, when, losing health, family and friends, a person seems to be deprived of a point of support.

Recommendation: Physiologically flat feet is corrected by orthopedic footwear and special exercises.

Psychologically, it is important to stop falling into despair for any reason. Analyze the current situation and find in it resources and support.

List by points – on what and to whom specifically can I rely in life. Do not hesitate to contact other people for help. You will definitely find support in life if you look for it.

Find in what you can rely on yourself, what you trust yourself. Take responsibility for your life.

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Foot diseases: Flat foot

Bones on the big toes

Bones, like flat feet, are a sign of a feeling of insecurity and loss of support.

And in a global sense: an emotionally unprotected person does not feel the support of the universe and always fears for their safety.

This could happen because of a lack of love and attention in childhood. Such people are vulnerable, need love and care. At the same time, it can be difficult for them to open up and talk about their feelings.

Recommendations: It is necessary to recognize the existing situation and the fact that you have been suppressing your best feelings all your life.

Stop focusing on others and expect something from them.

You need to be filled with love and concern for yourself; Recognize your achievements and get approval from yourself. Then you will see how your relationship with other people has changed.

You should stop all to prove in the hope of obtaining approval. Just accept yourself and remain yourself.

Accept and forgive yourself, heal your childhood, work out the repressed emotions you will help the course “Dance with the Shadow”

Foot diseases: Bones on the big toes


At the psychoemotional level, arthritis is a reflection of your habit of “enduring” all the hardships and adversities and unavailability for change.

All this is connected, in turn, with children’s emotional problems – too harsh education and lack of love and acceptance by parents.

You are used to making too high demands on yourself (and, accordingly, on others), to control everything and to bear responsibility for all.

In fact, it causes a lot of resistance and pain, which manifests itself in the form of inflammation of the joints.

Also, to remain sufficiently “solid”, you need to restrain emotions and live, relying on mental constructs and will.

Recommendations: Answer yourself honestly, where in life you ignore your needs and feelings? What changes are frightening of you? What makes it painful to control the course of events – which in itself is an unbearable burden.

Learn to relax, let go of the situation. Yoga or meditation will help you in this.

Focus on the best qualities of your inner world, the little joys of the present – this will help you release the painful past.

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