Gastritis and diet

When a person visits a doctor and he hears a diagnosis of gastritis, he immediately wants to know what you can eat with gastritis. And this is not accidental. After all, in the treatment of gastritis diet is an important place. Without its observance, there can be no complete recovery.

But before giving an answer to the question: “What can I eat with gastritis?”, The doctor should find out to which kind of gastritis the disease of the patient belongs to. There are several types of gastritis: atrophic, erosive, with low and high acidity. Acute and chronic forms of the disease are also differs. Since each type of the disease has specific characteristics, the diet for gastritis in each case will be different.

Hungry diet for acute disease

Diet with gastritis. Diet in acute gastritis helps to unload the digestive tract, to give rest to the inflamed mucosa. To this end, it is recommended to give up food and drink for a day. In extreme cases, you can drink a little warm distilled or boiled water.

After 24 hours, acute gastritis will loosen its grip, the diet at this time allows to include light meat broth, oatmeal soup, barley and rice decoction, broths of chamomile and dog rose, tea, in which lemon and honey are added. After 2 days the patient can eat viscous soups, skimmed milk, oatmeal, mango and rice porridge boiled in milk, soft-boiled eggs, steam omelet, jelly, curd soufflĂ©, jelly and compotes. If the pain disappears, and the patient’s condition improves, then it is allowed to eat steam omelettes and boiled meat. Little by little you can add wheat bread, but only stale or crackers from it.

When the treatment of gastritis diet symptoms is lifted completely, the patient’s diet can be returned to normal, but for a long time will have to give up fatty and fried dishes, spicy dishes and marinades, dairy products. Also, raw vegetables and fruits, coffee, cocoa, alcohol and carbonated drinks are contraindicated.

Nutrition for chronic disease

Diet for chronic gastritis:

  • Liquid, well-cooked cereals, cooked on milk;
  • Rubbed soups of cereals or vegetables;
  • Milk and cream;
  • Steam omelets and soft-boiled eggs;
  • Dishes from pasta;
  • Cooked fish and meat;
  • Vegetable and fruit purees;
  • Non-fatty non-fat curd;
  • Dairy and fruit jelly;
  • Sugar, honey and marshmallows;
  • Steamed non-acidic dried fruits;
  • Jam from sweet fruit;
  • Unhealthy patties;
  • White stale or dried bread;
  • Light tea, preferably with the addition of milk;
  • Alkaline, devoid of gases, mineral water;
  • Creamy and refined vegetable oils.

Prohibited products

Naturally, patients are interested in what can not be eaten with gastritis? Strongly contraindicated in chronic gastritis to eat food that stimulates the formation of gastric juice.

Recipes for gastritis should not contain:

  • Meat and fish, cooked in their own juice;
  • Any broths;
  • Fried and smoked food;
  • Sauces and canned goods;
  • Pickled, canned and pickled vegetables;
  • Rye bread;
  • Food products;
  • Skimmed milk and whey;
  • Sour cottage cheese and yogurt;
  • Steep eggs;
  • A variety of seasonings and spices;
  • Sour fruits and berries;
  • Carbonated water;
  • Strong tea and coffee;
  • Drinks containing alcohol.

Diet with exacerbation of gastritis should comply with a strict dietary restriction. Dishes should not contain dietary fiber that exerts mechanical irritation on the stomach. Therefore, it is required to exclude from the diet bread baked from wholemeal flour, confectionery, cereals made from whole grains, raw fruits and vegetables, mushrooms, beans, nuts, dairy products, meat containing tendons, skin of birds and fish, coffee and cocoa , Alcoholic and carbonated drinks. During this period it is necessary to eat only mashed boiled food.