Getting rid of age spots: Beauty treatments and traditional recipes

Increased pigmentation of the skin may ruffle any woman, and in fact if you tackle this problem in a timely manner, and you can save your own image, and his nerves.

Violation of pigmentation of the skin is of two kinds:

  • sometimes skin becomes lighter (vitiligo).
  • sometimes skin becomes darker. It may be freckles or if areas with dark skin are increased, – age spots.

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The first thing to do, since the fight against pigment spots, – to find out the cause of their appearance.

Theoretically, spots on the skin can occur at any age. However, if the spots appear in young people, that there is usually a specific reason: from the hormonal changes associated with pregnancy to the prolonged use of some contraceptives, cosmetics questionable quality or taking certain medications.

Dark spots

The most common cause of age spots is aging: in forty – fifty years of age and older people often complain about the fact that a greater number of spots on the skin occurs.
Why is this happening? Mainly because the cells gradually lose the ability to interrupt the production of the pigment. Also, hormonal imbalance in women during menopause can worsen the situation.

So, basically dark spots appear:

  • when women’s diseases (ovarian dysfunction, inflammatory diseases) and pregnancy;
  • liver diseases;
  • due to the use of hormonal contraceptives;
  • as a result of chronic inflammation in the urogenital sphere;
  • in violation of the thyroid gland;
  • in case of failure of the liver or bile ducts;
  • in those nerve weakened by chronic diseases; also for persons working at high temperature with chemicals;
  • at deficiency of vitamin C;
  • due to the introduction of various substances into the skin (it happens in case of accidents: from the powder when fired from a gun, from graphite or coal at the mine collapse);
  • due to the application much irritating ointments and creams;
    as a consequence of injuries: after squeezing blackheads, the independent use caustic agents to remove
  • any tumors on the skin;
  • on the body – from pressure and friction garters, belts, etc…
    A significant role in the appearance of age spots on the face playing sunshine. Therefore spots, like freckles become more apparent with the first rays of spring sun. To prevent the appearance of age spots, spring and summer sun should be avoided and protect the skin.

Pigmentation on the face

It happens that the dark spots appear after a heavy southern sun, despite the fact that the people enjoyed special tanning milk. It speaks of the individual characteristics of the skin, and may be a reaction to the use of milk for sunbathing, which does not fit the particular person. In any case of age spots better to get rid as soon as possible with the help of whitening cosmetics and trying to avoid sunbathing. You can use cream-type “Tanning without tanning.”

Call pigmentation may cosmetics or incorrect procedures for facial care. And that every woman should know!
Hyperpigmentation can cause improper cleaning of the face (without taking into account the time of year) with the use of scrubs and peels, creams, coating the exposed areas of the body perfumes and colognes. Contained in cosmetics essential oils can play an insidious role and increase the skin’s sensitivity to sunlight. Result – fotodermatit further pigmentation. The chemical composition of blush or lipstick, too, can not find a common language with your skin.

Often skin pigmentation occurs during pregnancy. Some women from the beginning of pregnancy the skin faces appear so called chloasma – sharply defined dark spots irregular shapes. Their magnitude may be different. A variety of chloasma is the “dark line” – Blends Ribbon narrow strip that crosses the skin in the form of an arch of the forehead from one temple to the other. Since the spring becomes noticeable freckles scattered on the face in the form of small pigmented spots round or oval. Spots do not merge with each other, have a yellowish-brown color. Women with dark skin are more visible chloasma. Stains are kept throughout the pregnancy and postpartum period. In rare cases they can persist for many years.

In the treatment of freckles and chloasma during pregnancy it is recommended to use only slabodeystvuyuschimi means. The duration of treatment will be increased, and freckles “leave” reluctant, but the skin does not feel the negative effect of drugs. Using (to peeling) traditional medicines containing mercury, salicylic acid, green soap, hydroquinone, is contraindicated due to the toxic effect on the body of the woman and the fetus.

During pregnancy, age spots do not worry, the treatment would only make sense after birth, if the freckles did not disappear on their own. Mothers better to use a variety of masks easy steps.
What do spots on the hands? If the spots on the feet can be hidden under the stockings, and on the face – make-up, it is in their hands there is nothing close. Human Hands betray his true age. The back side of the hand exposed to the sun’s rays more often than any other part of the body, and there begin to appear with age hyperpigmentation zone – solar lentigo, sometimes referred to as “liver” or “senile” spots.

Brown spots on hands

Typically, solar lentigines starts appearing on the skin under regular sunlight in middle age. Occurred at this time under the action of the sun spots, particularly during the tanning, darkening, together with the surrounding skin. But when the skin turns pale tan, lots with solar lentigines are dark.

Ultraviolet rays damage the cells that produce melanin – melanocytes, which are thicker in the dermis. Over time, the damaged melanocytes form the dark areas, known to us as “senile” spots. Hyperpigmentation can occur due to the action of sunlight, which took place many years ago. Despite its harmlessness, age spots are quite common aesthetic problem. If left untreated, the spots tend to multiply, therefore worsening the appearance of the affected skin, which leads, especially women, to develop a sense of insecurity and premature aging.

Prevention of:

It is known that any trouble is easier to prevent than to get rid of it. Protect yourself from the appearance of pigment spots will help correct skin care:

Vitamin C. If in a few weeks in the winter and spring, when the body is especially noticeable are deficient in vitamin C, to start to lean on citrus fruit, currants, green onions, bell peppers and other foods that contain this vitamin, plus take an additional nicotinic acid, there is a chance the next to spend the summer season without pigment spots. The dosage of vitamin C – 1.0 to 1.5 g a day before meals for 2-3 weeks, nicotinic acid (vitamin PP) – 0.01 g of 3 times a day after meals for 2-3 weeks. After each course do week break. Total 2-3 courses.

The use of folk remedies. To keep the skin white, cosmetologists are advised to wash with sour milk or buttermilk. Useful before applying nourishing cream to wipe the face in half the parsley juice with lemon juice. For owners of a dry skin it should be cleaned only freckles and dark spots. But before using a whitening cream is well lubricated face pure vegetable oil mixed with cream fortified. Effective and vegetable whitening mask (such as cucumber).

Sun protection cosmetics. And, of course, with the first rays of the sun should always use cosmetics with a high protection factor of UV-rays. Be sure to use a protective day cream from sunlight. The labels of SPF creams writing and indicate the figure, it can be from 4 to 60. Multiply this number by 15 and you get the number of minutes during which the cream actually protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation. If the length of time to get small – need to use the cream several times a day. Many companies produce decorative sun-protection cosmetics, it makes sense to use it and.

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