Herpes on the lips

Herpes on the lips – one of the most frequent human pathologies. Herpes on the lips – a viral disease, which is the causative agent of herpes simplex virus. The disease is characterized by abundant as a rash of small bubbles formed on the skin and mucous membranes. In people, herpes on the lips called “fever” or simply “a cold.” There are several types of viral infection, the most common is a cold sore on the lips.

   It should be noted that the carriers of the herpes virus are more than 90% of the world population. The virus may be present in the human body and does not manifest itself until a certain time, because a person’s immune system will fight the virus. But at certain times (mostly at weakening immunity), the disease can come back to haunt.

Herpes on the lips: Causes

   The most frequent causes of acute herpes are:

  • body hypothermia;
  • reduction of protective immunity against a background function of colds, influenza or other infections;
  • emotional disturbances;
  • critical days;
  • depletion of the body on the background of strict diets;
  • general fatigue of the body;
  • prolonged exposure to the sun.

At relapse often affected nasal mucosa and lips. Most people rarely “met” with herpes on the lips, for them it is a minor cosmetic defect. For those people who have sharply reduced immunity, the presence in the body of the herpes virus can lead to serious consequences. For example, in people with cancer or HIV ordinary at first glance, the herpes virus can infect the internal organs.

Herpes on the lips: Symptoms

In acute herpes infection first appear unpleasant itching and burning sensation in the mouth. After that, one finds a rash in the form of small bubbles combined. As a rule, the latter are localized on the mucous membrane of the mouth, on the red border of lips, cheeks and around the ears. Herpes on the lips of several stages in its development:

  • Precursors: burning, itching and tingling in the mouth region (1 to 24 hours).
  • Inflammation: there are redness and swelling of the skin around the mouth, formed small transparent bubbles.
  • The formation of ulcers: bubbles burst, and in their place there are sores. At this stage, the person can infect others. The skin around the lips sore and there is a burning sensation.
  • The formation of crusts. About a week after the recurrence of herpes lesions at the site of the former appear brown crust, which will soon disappear.

Herpes on the lips: prevention and treatment of disease

   For the purpose of prevention of herpes lips must, first of all:

  • herpes gubahobschee strengthening the body (it is necessary to raise the immune system, observe the correct mode of the day);
  • conduct a correct way of life;
  • do not forget about the hardening of the body;
  • during epidemics avoid crowded places.

If you often suffer from manifestations of herpes on the lips, go through the general examination of the body, particularly in the presence of other infections. It may have to undergo treatment of disease, the presence of which you do not know.

   Consider the fact that there are no drugs on the date, can destroy the virus in the body. But there are several drugs that effectively suppress the viral infection. As a topical treatment use special ointments and creams.

Do not treat cold sores on the lips to. Seek qualified professional help. Independent reception immunomodulliruyuschih, antiviral and antibacterial drugs is fraught with undesirable consequences.

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