How to care of your eyelashes: simple tips

Thick and long eyelashes – the dream of every yoke. This axiom is well known vorotilam beauty industry that almost every week brings to market another wonderful tool designed to make the look more charming. Think of how many tubes of mascara you have already purchased in the hope of improving the natural data, and what results achieved? Maybe we should go to the other side? Today we tell about how to care for her eyelashes, and reveal the secrets of how to make them healthy and strong.

How to care of lashes

  1. Chic eyelashes – the dream of every woman
  2. Why caring of our lashes is so important
  3. How to strengthen the lashes: the rules of daily care
  4. What else is needed for the growth of eyelashes?
  5. How to strengthen the lashes after extension
  6. Masks for eyelashes growth at home
  7. Why Care for lashes so important

Inherently, eyelashes – the same hair, respectively, and they have similar problems. Similarly, the eyelashes can break, thinner, fall out, and change the color. Most often, deterioration due to the use of low-quality cosmetics and vitamin deficiency. Sometimes in trouble to blame internal diseases, allergic reactions or inflammation of the eyes.

  • The average duration of “life” of cilia varies between 90 and 150 days. The update process happens almost unnoticed: while one hair grows old, grows another. It is unlikely that you will be able to keep track of all fallen cilia. Some of them are washed off during water treatment, and some – remains on the clothes, and only a few “happy” cilia serve as a pretext make a secret wish.
  • Is it possible to make eyelashes longer in a natural way? Unfortunately, effective means has not yet been invented. Any ink plays on visual effects and cabin capacity result pleases as long as you do not remove the artificial “feathering.” And what a variety of masks, oils, etc., you ask. We must disappoint you – cosmetic treatments can only restore the original state of the eyelashes (this option is laid at the genetic level). Do not try to fool mother nature and try another elixir for a fortune. Suffice it to properly care for her eyelashes, then the result will please you.

How to strengthen the lashes: the rules of daily care

Properly care for eyelashes should start with a competent and regular makeup remover. Cosmetologists strongly recommend the use of this procedure for conventional foams and gels for washing. Firstly, these means include a loading dose of foaming components; Secondly, while we wash the three and stretch delicate skin around the eyes.

To remove normal carcasses need to purchase a special emulsion or cosmetic milk hypoallergenic.

If you prefer a waterproof mascara, use a two-phase oil-containing lotion. Moisten a cotton pad to choose a tool, attach it to the disguised ages and gently remove make-up. Do not try to wash away all the ink in one motion, most likely, you will need several approaches.

If you want to have beautiful eyelashes, should refuse to use waterproof mascara. Professional beauticians claim that it seals the scales and makes the hairs to fully ‘breathe’.

Save on health is not worth it: no matter how great the temptation to use the delayed cosmetics, do not risk it. The most harmless, that can happen – will meet mascara clumps and spoil the makeup. Much worse, if overdue cosmetics will cause an allergic reaction or a serious inflammation of the cornea.

What else is needed for the growth of eyelashes?

Balanced diet. Nutrients and vitamins for eyelash growth contained in the bell peppers, parsley and wild rose.

High-quality ink. Do not buy cosmetics on the street stalls and kiosks questionable. Skeptical should take and to cheap moisturizers with names of famous brands – too great a risk to run into a fake. If, after using mascara you blushed and began to scratch his eyes, say goodbye to her immediately.

Wear sunglasses. Remember that not only burn the hair, but the lashes. From the scorching rays may become thin and brittle.

Gently remove eye make-up, do not forget the nightly water procedures.

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