How to quit smoking?

The main ways to help quit smoking Nowadays, there are many ways to quit smoking. What are the main ones: Substitution therapy. Its essence lies in the acceptance of nicotine in most purified form. This can be a special chewing gum, patches or anti-smoking lozenges. If the dependent person wants to quit smoking, then replacement therapy helps to gradually reduce the dose of nicotine in the body.

After the use of these funds may complete cessation of the use of cigarettes without symptoms “breaking.” E-cigarettes. They imitate the traditional cigarette smoking. There is even a light at its tip. Smoker inhales pair nicotine solution that comes from a special cartridge. Cons electronic cigarettes lies in the fact that even the purified nicotine kills the blood vessels and improves cholesterol. By the way, today there is evidence that the solutions for manufacturers of electronic cigarettes are added to these substances with carcinogenic effect.

What is the use of a replacement therapy?

Besides, this method is not cheap. Coding. With hypnotic techniques (the most famous and common – method of Nickels) creates a powerful center for fear of the consequences of smoking. A doctor in a state of hypnosis smoker inspires the idea that if it is lit up, it will be bad, he could die. This idea gets used to his subconscious and helps for a specified period or for life. Then, when people come out of the hypnotic state, it can actually be bad from a smell of cigarettes, the type of cigarette pack, or even talk about tobacco. This can occur by raising the pressure, headache, vomiting, itchy dermatitis. Outs encoding method is the possible emergence of other negative habits: smoking may be replaced by alcohol, sexual adventures. If coding is not life, it is quite possible failures at the end of the period. After all, an absolute guarantee that the method does not. As, however, and all the others.


This is a special method to get rid of smoking. The technique of oriental medicine, one of which belongs to acupuncture, should be trusted only to professionals. After all, these Chinese doctors studying this for years, and our experts master a technique in a couple of months. Acupuncture is the impact on the biologically active points, which are responsible for certain functions of the body. In particular, there is a point on the human body, which correspond to the centers in the brain pleasure. Acting on these thin needles certain time, it is possible to achieve smoking cessation. So, quit smoking is very difficult, but it is possible. It is a worthy act, which can make a strong man. Try and win yourself!

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