Silver. Therapeutic properties, benefit or harm

Hello, dear readers! Recently, we are increasingly recalling the recipes of traditional medicine. That interest in the treatment of silver is experiencing a new revival.

  • Why is silver treatment now more and more popular?
  • What are the medicinal properties of this metal?
  • Is it harmful to use drugs from silver?

The disinfecting properties of this metal have been known for a long time, about 4000 years ago. In their campaigns, Alexander the Great and his warriors ate from silver dishes and stored water in silver vessels and therefore did not get sick. In ancient Egypt, wounds were replaced with silver plates for fast healing. Silver for quite a long time was used for preventive and curative purposes, until the Second World War, when the first antibiotics appeared.

It is known to many that there are also silver in the Christian rites: they baptize children in silver vats and put on silver crosses. And at the birth of a child, they give him a silver spoon.

  • 1 The healing properties of silver
  • 1.1 Therapeutic effect of silver
  • 1.2 Protargol – a preparation of silver
  • 2 The healing properties of silver water

Healing properties of silver

  1. In the human body, silver is always present, most of it is in the brain substance, in the nuclei of nerve cells, in bone tissue, in the glands of internal secretion and the iris of the eyes. This element is necessary for the normal course of physiological processes and the functioning of organs in the human body. Its presence has a beneficial effect on metabolism, the function of hematopoiesis, and also promotes the rejuvenation of the body.
  2. The therapeutic effect of silver is expressed by the fact that silver ions are able to quickly penetrate into the cell, and the cell does not lose its viability, but the ability to further division is lost. Silver ions inhibit the enzymatic systems of microorganisms and destroy them. This explains the disinfecting, bactericidal and wound-healing effect of silver.
  3. Silver ions are detrimental to the causative agents of dysentery, typhoid fever, cholera. To silver are very sensitive streptococci, Staphylococcus, Proteus and Salmonella.
  4. It is noted that silver helps to increase the defenses of the body and it is easier to cope with colds, increases efficiency.

Therapeutic effect of silver

In its pure form, silver for oral administration is not used, except for the use of products containing a trace element of silver. But his food contains very little.

Therefore, silver in its pure form has a therapeutic effect when wearing silver rings, chains, crosses. Silver in the serebryanie monydannom case has a relaxing effect, promotes wound healing, slows the development of inflammatory processes in the body, reduces the manifestation of vegetovascular dystonia.

If the color of silver changes when silverware is worn, then this indicates some pathology in the body: it has darkened, then there are problems in the hormonal system, with kidney diseases – silver becomes lighter.

And on the Internet I found this information:

When tachycardia should be worn silver rings on the middle fingers.
To adjust the work of the intestine and improve the complexion, silver rings should be worn on the index fingers.

With heart diseases, wear a ring on the little finger.
Do not wear a silver ring on an unnamed finger, thereby reducing the likelihood of a good relationship with men.

Protargol – a preparation of silver

In traditional medicine, protargol is often used. Protargol – a colloidal solution of silver, has a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect. In general, it is used for various inflammatory pathologies, accompanied by the release of pus in otolaryngology, ophthalmology and urology, in surgery – when washing purulent wounds. It is prescribed in drops with rhinitis, pharyngitis, otitis, conjunctivitis, especially in children. Previously, protargolum was instilled in newborn children to prevent blepharitis.

An obvious advantage of applying protargol is that it does not cause dysbiosis. But nevertheless at protargola there can be by-effects in the form of an itch and a burning sensation in a place of application of a medicine, at long application can be a drying of a mucous membrane. Allergic reactions to protargol are extremely rare.

The healing properties of silver water

Silver water can be prepared in several ways. The simplest of them is to put any silver product in water or pour water in a silver container and leave it for several hours. The concentration of silver ions in the water will not be significant (homeopathic doses), so this water can be drunk quite a long time.

Another way is more time consuming. Take a constant current source with a voltage of 4-12 volts, connect any silver object to the plus and connect it to the minus electrode made of stainless steel. For example, a flat blade for shaving. Connect this “electrode” to electricity for a few minutes.

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