The health of teeth

Good dental health is an important factor not only for your general health and beauty, but also for your confidence and self-esteem. Moreover, any pathology in the teeth and gums can lead to serious long-lasting diseases with various symptoms and complications. Just like in any other disease, tooth decay is easier to prevent, rather than to treat. That’s why taking proper care of teeth and gums is very important for a healthy person.

The health of your teeth depends on many factors, and not all of them are related directly to the mouth cavity. Since all organs in the human body are interconnected, a problem in one body part can lead to a problem in another.

One of the primary factors, that affects the condition of your teeth, is your family background. The genetic code defines teeth shape, color and size as well as quality of the tooth enamel.

The quality of food and drinks that we consume daily also plays a big role. Thus, 30% of the bones and tissues in an adult consist of water. The water that we drink helps to replenish minerals that are needed for the bone and tooth construction. If a person reduces the amount or quality of the consumed water (or food), it may cause disturbances that can on dental health negatively.


Proper and balanced nutrition has a direct influence on the quality of the teeth. The food should be rich in calcium, magnesium and fluorine. These elements strengthen the teeth, prevent them from breakdown and maintain normal functioning.

To guarantee healthy teeth one should keep up a good cleaning routine every day. It’s impossible to have the healthy teeth without regular and proper mouth hygiene. One of the main reasons of tooth decay is bacteria. More than 20 species of bacteria are inhabiting our mouth cavity. They all feed on the food, that remains in the mouth after eating. It is the waste products of the bacteria that cause the majority of the teeth and gums diseases as well as bad breath. To keep the hygiene of the mouth clean the teeth at least twice a day, use mouth rinse, dental floss and toothpicks.