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How to maintain the health of teeth: Dental Tips

Have you noticed that in any modern hospital can be seen not only a dentist, but paradontologa, orthodontist, dentist, therapist, surgeon, orthopedic, dental hygienist? All not considered. But each specialist is responsible for only one part of oral health. This means that “Dental Health” – concept compound, and includes all oral health together with soft tissues.

That is why the answer to the question “how to maintain the health of teeth” is difficult to answer in two words. We decided to combine their dental experience in one useful material, and we hope that these recommendations are available to help you keep your teeth healthy for years to come.

What determines the health of your teeth?

  • Three main factors affecting the dental health: genetics, lifestyle and health. And while genetics can not argue much, the other two points can easily overpower every modern man.

Lifestyle and healthy teeth:

Dental health is only part of the overall picture of your health. Therefore, the transition to a healthy lifestyle is literally able to resurrect your teeth!


  • As a result of the clinical study, the researchers have shown that teeth have the ability to recover when establishing the overall tone of the body. This capability is very limited, but given the right food and the means to care, teeth can partially recover without the intervention of a specialist.
  • For a healthy lifestyle, and we put no bad habits. And among them, the use of coloring beverages (wine, coffee), and the contrasting temperatures of food acidic products. Even citrus fruits rich in vitamins can easily damage the tooth enamel. But good habits need to multiply: at least 1.5-2 liters of clean drinking water a day. This provokes the secretion of saliva, the composition of which has beneficial effects on tooth enamel, thus improving the durability of the tooth surface.

Proper oral care:

In the variety of tips and care products today can get lost even an experienced user. Therefore we have created a list of five mandatory items that will help you greatly extend the oral health and will give a healthy smile:

  •  1. Visit your dentist every six months
    It seems that this banal phrase had already dry mouth, but without visiting stomatkabineta, and the truth is not enough. In addition, it is really the easiest way: only it is necessary to note the phone two “reminders” and just trust the expert care.
  • 2. The double-entry daily tooth brushing
    We brush our teeth in the morning to others, and in the evening – for themselves. This is one of the wisest sayings dental. Indeed, the morning is brush up your mouth for the upcoming dialogue, and in the evening – to extract teeth from all food supplies. If you do not, your night dinner begins literally to rot on the teeth and between them, and then have to run to the dentist not only for a visit.
  • 3. Proper nutrition and strengthening the body
    We will not dissemble, each of us at times allows himself to sugar, alcohol, coffee, pastry or acidic fruit. But the secret is not to completely abandon the “harmful” food, and to use it wisely. Eat: seize a slice of cheese, drink coffee – wash down with water, allowed themselves to sweets or alcohol – use the conditioner. Also do not forget to eat nuts and fruit as a solid workout jaws.
  • 4. A variety of health
    One toothbrush insufficient. Even with a nozzle for the language. Even electricity. Any. Be sure to use its arsenal of at least dental floss, brushes and rinses. Ignore these funds still to ignore the use of washcloths in the shower – just inappropriate and ineffective.
  • 5. The right selection of hygiene products
    As usual, glossy magazines and video advertising are the main advisers in the selection of hygiene products. As a result, the patient opts for an abrasive paste or improper flossing, and does not understand why his condition does not improve. Here we are, perhaps, back to the first point. To save money is not the wind, you should seek the advice of professionals. Fortunately, consult a doctor in a modern dentist clinic is now available to everyone.

Here’s a short list we have compiled for you, dear customers. Read our new article and learn more about how to maintain healthy teeth for years to come. Try to follow our guidelines for some time, and after a few months of your healthy smile will shine brighter than the stars of Hollywood.

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