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Sometimes you walk down the street, and the look involuntarily stops at someone’s chic hair No, I also have good hair – long, shiny and strong enough. But they are thin, thin by nature. As I already wrote in one of the articles, it is impossible to significantly increase the thickness of the hair. You can dye your hair with henna, but, firstly, not all girls like henna, and secondly, some fantastic result should not be expected. Henna makes hair thicker only slightly and this effect must always be maintained. So what should I do? Girls with thin hair will understand what I’m talking about. The problem of fine hair is not only that they seem rare. In the end, using masks to strengthen and grow hair can achieve a significant density of hair. The fact is that thin hair has a lot of problems: increased electrification, difficulty in combing and styling, fragility, lack of volume and propensity to various damages. As for different types of hair (fatty, dry, combined), in thin hair, features of one type or another are much more noticeable than those of thicker hair. What kind of care for thin hair is right? About everything in order.

1. Masks.

Thin hair, regardless of the pace of the sebaceous glands, requires increased nutrition from the outside. As I already mentioned, thin hair is easily damaged and this makes it even thinner. Therefore, the regular use of feeding masks is simply vital to fine hair. Also some masks are able to give to thin hair elasticity and volume, which they, as a rule, are deprived.

For oily hair: mask of bread and egg yolks. You can simply apply whipped yolks on your head, or you can mix them with black bread. I really liked the effect of this mask. It is actually very difficult for my hair to give volume, but after the egg-bread mask it was very noticeable. Nourishing of fine fatty hair can be organized with the help of oil masks. For oily hair used light oils – hemp, almond, peach, grape seed. Also, according to my observations, the finest hair is suitable for St. John’s wort oil, if it was insisted on a light oil. It is better to apply the oil in a thin layer, so that it is easier to wash them later. After all, a badly washed oil on hair deprives hair of volume. Thin hair in general is contraindicated by everything that at least somehow makes them heavier.

For dry hair: egg-honey mask. Egg yolks give the hair a noticeable volume, and honey is well known for its strengthening and nourishing properties. As for oil masks, dry oils are best suited for solid oils (shea, coconut). Of liquid oils, you can take any, but, since it is a question of fine hair, I would advise lighter. For example, jojoba or almond. Dry hair can also be perfectly nourished with fruit masks for hair.

For the combined type: at the roots we apply a mask for oily hair, and the length and the ends are lubricated with oil, for example, olive or jojoba.

Read more about the recipes for masks for fine hair, as well as the rules for using them in this article.

2. Wash.

Care for thin hair If you have thin hair, then the shampoo should be selected with the mark “for fine hair.” In any case, there should not be aggressive surfactants in the formulation (laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate and the like). Egg shampoos and shampoos with proteins are suitable for fine hair. If you like home shampoos, then the head can be washed with eggs or black bread. Thin hair during washing is soaped only at the roots. Then the foam is slightly distributed along the length and washed off. A hair dryer does not need to dry thin hair, or choose a cold regime. In general, it is better just to get wet with a towel (do not rub!). As for balms, on the Internet often there are tips balm for fine hair not to use at all. I do not share this view. Balsams can and should be applied. Just in their composition is extremely unlikely the presence of silicones, since they noticeably weight the hair and deprive them of their volume. Better, if the composition of the balm is dominated by proteins and natural ingredients. For thin hair, rinsing with acidified water is helpful. Wine vinegar, rowan, apple and lemon juice to help you. This procedure obogcheva combing, gives thin hair a lively shine and lightness.

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