Thin hair

Thin hair: 6 rules for your hair care

Using our tips, you will turn your thin hair into a curvy and voluminous.
Thin hair – is not a vice and not an aesthetic flaw. But they bring to women a lot of problems: they are easy to break, get confused during combing, do not keep even the artfully created styling.

The main rules for thin hair.

Fine hair requires urgent rehabilitation. Following the rules developed by our experts, you will quickly find the advises you need.

Carefully choose skin care products

Pay attention to the composition of the shampoo. Sedate and parabens anathema. Lauryl sulfate is often used as a foaming agent, but the aggressive alkaline atmosphere that it creates on the hair, flushes valuable keratin, the building material of the hair, because of what they eventually break down.

Wash your head properly

Turn a usual head wash into a relaxing ritual. “Remove” the nails and massage the scalp with the fingertips from the forehead to the back of the head. It is important that the water has a room temperature, since hot water stimulates the production of sebum.

Use the tools that give volume to your hair

To create a wow effect on your hair, use shampoos and balsams with volume effect. They are like strict fitness trainers, will follow the feeding of strands, feed them with silicon polymers (help swell the hair) and valuable keratin, make it more magnificent.

For fine hair, wooden and special combs with natural bristles are suitable. They do not cause static and make it easier to comb strands, especially long ones.

Choose light styling products

Thin hair requires an easy shampoos, balsams. Therefore, the role of styling should be weightless means, for example, sprays for the radical volume (which is required for thin strands). For such hair, gels, waxes and products with oily texture are contraindicated. They eventually form a film on the surface, do not allow penetrating the active elements into the strand structure, as a result of which they dry up and look oily all the time at the roots.

Drink beauty vitamins

Vitamins for beauty contain valuable amino acids that strengthen protein compounds in the hair, promote the accumulation of keratin and strengthen the back of the strands. Enter in the diet foods rich in vitamins: leaf lettuce, carrots, salmon, lamb. They contain amino acids, biotin or vitamin H, pantothenic acid, choline and inositol.

Follow the safety precautions

Do not dry the thin hair with hot air of a hair dryer and do not go without a hat in the cold. Such pranks deprive the hair of valuable moisture and make them brittle. Always use thermal protection agents before laying with thermal appliances, and sprays with SPF before going out to the active sun.